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Canopy Glass Replacement

This Chicago hotel had their custom glass canopy damaged when window washers overhead accidentally left a piece of equipment unsecured, allowing it to fall onto the glass below. The hotel manager called USA Board Up and we came out right away to assess the damage. Due to the nature of the break, a board up was not necessary, but we still inspected the other panes to make sure none had been cracked or dislodged. This was important in ensuring that passerby underneath would not be harmed by any residual effects of the accident.

This glass canopy had formerly been the focal point of hotel entry, which was why it was essential that we get the exact same glass to replace the broken panes. Each pane was a 10' x 5' x 1" thick custom tinted piece of glass that needed to be ordered. Once we were able to get the glass, we got our crew out there to hoist the panes into place and fix the canopy as quickly as possible.

"When our glass canopy broke, we were worried it would take a long time to get the right glass installed. But USA Board Up replaced it quickly, restoring the look of the front of the hotel in no time. Thanks again!"

- Christopher D., Chicago