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Custom Table Top Glass Replacement

This sheet of glass was previously on a stunning heirloom coffee table. The homeowner called us after her large dog jumped up onto the table to try to get his ball. Luckily the dog was not injured when he landed on the table – just startled. However, the tabletop glass did not fare as well.

This homeowner called us, devastated, looking for custom table top glass replacement. We took the broken sheet off, measured it and began looking for the right piece of glass to restore the vintage table. It took some searching, as the tabletop was incredibly unique. The glass was slightly tinted with beveled edges and the size was completely custom. We finally found the right glass tabletop to replace the broken one and installed it on her one-of-a-kind coffee table, much to her delight.

This custom tabletop glass replacement was not our easiest job, but it is a job that we are still very proud of to this day.

"When my glass table broke, I was distraught. I wasn't sure who to call or where to take it. The techs at USA Board Up fixed my table and restored it to its original beauty!"

- Ella, Kankakee