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Emergency Roof Tarping

As a severe storm was passing through the area, this homeowner noticed water leaking into an upstairs bedroom and office. Afraid of the damage the water could cause, he called us for emergency roof tarping. Our techs came out during the storm and covered the entire affected area to prevent further water from getting in and destroying belongings inside the home. This gave the homeowner enough time to file a claim with his insurance company and get bids for having his roof repaired. Our emergency roof tarping also protected his home from additional water damage that could have led to toxic mold. It was his quick thinking and our experience that saved this homeowner from accumulating more costs related to his roof leak. If you have a leak, call us so that we can cover your roof with a protective tarp right away!

Even if your roof is not leaking yet, if you have an old roof that sags, you should have it tarped to prevent standing water. This is important because water getting trapped on your roof during the wetter months can lead to decay, and ultimately a collapse.

"When my roof started leaking late at night, I figured that no one would be able to come out until the morning. But USA Board Up came out right away and sealed off my roof. I hope I never need them again, but if I do then I know who to call!"

- Scott T, Wheaton

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