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Retail Storefront Glass Replacement

As a store owner, you may think the biggest threat to your front windows is vandalism or a break-in. However, in the case of this women’s apparel store, they found themselves in need of retail storefront glass replacement services due to improper installation from the previous store owner. The large pane of glass you see broken resulted from the window being installed without the proper framing support. Over time, the window pane shifted within the frame putting it at risk for breaking. During the normal expansion and contraction that occurs as temperatures change, the window cracked suddenly and large pieces fell out onto the sidewalk below. This put people passing by in danger and resulted in an immediate need for a window board up and replacement. Once the pieces of glass were cleaned up and the window was boarded, we worked quickly to install a replacement retail storefront glass pane. The other pane of glass was also checked to ensure that it would not meet the same fate. The shop was restored to its original appearance and the owners could rest assured that the new glass would be secure and stable for many years to come!

"I never imagined something like this would happen, but when it did I called USA Board Up for help. I'm glad I did! They were great!"

- Angelina, Bronzeville

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