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Storefront Door Glass Repair

This theater experienced a fluke incident where a deer crashed into the storefront glass door. The surveillance cameras recorded the entire thing – documenting the deer being grazed by a passing car and running into the glass door in a daze around 1am. It was an unfortunate accident that was made even more trying on the owner by the fact there were theater goers inside for a late night screening of a new film. After the initial shock of the situation, the owner sprang into action and started looking for a storefront glass repair company to call.

The owner of the theater wanted a top quality door to replace the one that had been broken and needed it replaced right away to keep the cold autumn air out. Our techs got out there first thing in the morning to take the measurements. The storefront glass repair work was done as soon as a new pane could be brought in. The owner was pleased with not only our turnaround time but also the professionalism by the whole crew.

"They got my glass door replaced right away so that my business didn't have to suffer. So grateful for such a professional job - thanks guys!"

- Zander, Chicago