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Storefront Glass Repair

This store was the victim of a break-in. Thieves smashed in the glass on the front door and made off with merchandise from inside. Luckily, the surveillance cameras inside caught the whole thing on tape and the criminals were later caught and prosecuted. In the meantime however, the store owner was faced with having to clean up the mess the burglars had caused and restore the business to its original state.

Store management filed a claim with their insurance and they contacted us for the storefront glass repair job. During this trying time, the owner already had a lot to worry about and deal with, so we tried to make it as easy on her as possible. We billed the insurance company directly to minimize further stress on the store owner and got the storefront glass repair on the door completed quickly. Within three days the store was looking as good as new and the owner was able to put the whole break-in incident behind her.

"Having to deal with this whole situation would have been a nightmare without USA Board Up!"

- Lisa, Chicago