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Storefront Window Replacement

This electronics store window was broken during the winter when some teenagers threw ice balls at it to cause mischief. With a lot of valuable merchandise at stake, the owner called us initially for an emergency window board up. He had covered over the broken area with some cardboard to keep the cold air out, but that was not secure enough to leave on the store overnight. We boarded up the broken section and returned a day later to complete the storefront window replacement once the pane of glass was back in stock.

As is the case many times with a broken storefront window, the store owner wanted the job completed without affecting his business. We showed up before his store opened for the day and got the storefront window replacement finished before any customers arrived.

For a store like this, which showcases the latest phones and laptops in carefully organized displays, their windows are not only functional, they’re promotional. This store owner was happy to have his window fixed quickly and professionally to allow people passing by to once again see the top selling models of electronics and lure them in to shop.

"Good price for the work that was done - can't beat that."

- Amir, Burnside