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Vinyl Window Replacement

Regular home settling caused this window to crack. The homeowner called us to get a glass repair quote and when our tech went out to measure the window and deliver the quote, he noticed a bigger issue. The frame appeared to have been installed improperly by the original builder and subsequently was too warped to provide a good outcome for any window that would have been installed. The seal around the window frame was also quite poor, which was allowing water in between the vinyl frame and the wood structure.

We recommended they do a full vinyl window replacement to avoid costly future damage. Our tech explained the situation to the homeowner and took pictures for her to submit to her homeowners’ insurance company. She submitted the claim and we were able to bill them directly for the work. We did the vinyl window replacement and the whole thing was stress-free for the homeowner.

"I had no idea that there was anything even wrong with the window until it cracked. USA Board Up was great because they explained the whole thing to me and got it replaced right."

- Connie, Brighton Park