Board Up

In order to protect any property from storm damage or to prevent unauthorized access by squatters, looters or vandals, one can decide to board up his or her windows and doors.

When boarding up a window or door, one can decide to use Plywood sheets which are the most commonly used for this but an alternative of metal sheeting can also be used where possible.

There are two different types of board up; short-term board up and long-term board up. While short-term boarding up is associated with protection from storms or in case of a broken window, long-term boarding up is mostly associated with unoccupied buildings and may form part of property preservation of excluded properties. In cases of natural disaster mitigation, one might think of picking up tree limbs or dealing with excess water but boarding up a structure may probably be the first thing on clients mind.

If for example a tree damages the roof or breaks windows, a client will need board-up services right away to prevent further damages There are many reasons to board up a home or business after a disaster, but these three are the most important: i.e. Protection from the elements such as broken windows, damaged roofs and walls that can let in rain, snow and wind to cause more damage to your interior and its contents.

Secondly Protection from wild animals and any stranger and protection from vandals.

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