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Storefront Vandalization Clean Up and Repair

Storefront Vandalization Clean Up and Repair

If your storefront has been vandalized, don’t panic. Just Call USA Board Up at 1 (888) 310-0006 and we will arrive within an hour of your call. We are a 24-hour, 7 days-a-week, 365 days-a-year emergency glass company and the best local glass repair company for the job! We will get your storefront cleaned up, secured, and repaired in no time. During this stressful time the last thing that you need is to worry about shopping around for the most reputable local glass company or finding the right price for your storefront glass repair. We will always offer professional service and give you a great price on any job.

Clean Up and Emergency Board Up

When our techs arrive on the scene the first thing that they will do is clean up the debris so that you and your employees do not get injured. Then we will assess the damage before securing the building with professional grade materials. Even if it is the middle of the night, our techs will complete your emergency storefront board up quickly and to your satisfaction. Boarding up the damaged windows will keep people, pests, and weather out of your store to protect your valuable merchandise inside.

Window Replacement

Once the urgent matters of cleaning up the dangerous debris and securing the store are finished, we will take measurements and arrange for your storefront window replacement. If we do not need to order the glass, many times we can have your storefront window and door glass repair done the same day. Otherwise, we will get the glass for your window replacement ordered and installed as quickly as possible.

Get Back to Business

We work with insurance companies and bill them directly to make the process smoother and easier on you. Let us reverse the effects of the vandalism that your store suffered. At USA Board Up our top priority is to get your storefront restored so that you can go about your business as usual!

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Storefront Vandalization Clean Up and Repair USA Board Up & Glass | Storefront Vandalization Clean Up and Repair
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Enzo’s in Chicago Heights needed multiple windows boarded up after they were smashed.